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 ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC Private Investigator Adoption Locates Background Divorce Custody Criminal catfishing Fraud

ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC Locates Adoption Divorce Custody Criminal Catfishing Background Business Political

Accurate  Investigations LLC Private Investigator & Professional Process Server: professional, compassionate & confidential.

business  cell 601-480-3181 

Covering all of Mississippi, licensing in Rhode Island coming soon, services arranged nationwide

Call us for a complimentary phone interview.  601-480-3181     24 hours a day 7 days a week.  glad4jc@gmail.com

 ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC provides services that are confidential, accurate & professional in all areas of Mississippi and throughout the United States.  We realize that in all cases you need someone who will look for the truth & provide detailed information so you can make difficult decisions about staying in a business relationship, partnership or marriage as well as getting to the truth in a variety of civil and or criminal matters.

Adoption Reunions bring joy, healing and closure to both the biological family and the adopted. We look forward to assisting you with locating relatives. 

Business owners & managers need evidence in considering maintaining an employee or subcontractor, embarking on or continuing a business relationship, and finding out if someone is committing fraud affecting your bottom line. We assist business in undercover operations as well as open arrangements of business consulting.

Your intellectual property is important to your creative and business success.  Accurate Investigations, LLC will track down violations of the copyright laws and get the evidence you need for a cease and desist order as well as trial preparation for a civil law suit.

 A criminal defendant needs to have a thorough investigation prepared for his defense attorney so he or she can benefit from the best possible defense. We work on all phases of criminal defense on the state level including lower court trial, new evidence for appeals and federal constitutional issues.

Before marrying someone or welcoming someone into your family as a step-parent, we can offer you the peace of mind needed to enter into a life changing circumstance.

If you are being stalked, or harassed we can assist you in putting the evidence together to gain a restraining order and file charges with law enforcement.

We also realize that this investigation is high priority for you, and that time spent wisely can produce great results such as the finding of a lost loved one, locating assets to pay for a judgment, catching an employee stealing, compromising company confidentiality, or getting the evidence of a cheating spouse.  We respect the need to know if a claimant is faking injuries or illness while fraudulently collecting insurance proceeds.

One of the things we like to do as we begin an investigation is to conduct a thorough interview to learn as much as we can about your concerns and the subject of the investigation.  This interview could last 30 minutes & is at no cost to you.  A private investigator should be willing to invest one half hour of time to learn as much as he or she can to best assist you with your specific need.

After we have assessed the situation with you in the interview we will offer our guidance as to the strategies to use in the investigation,  or follow a course of action as requested by  another private investigator contractor, claims office,  business, attorney, or private client and present a contract for services with fee retainer and explain method of payment options.

We want you to feel that your input is very important and will keep you informed every step of the investigation.  We also are flexible to change strategies should that be necessary. 


We want our clients to be sure that we will do our very best to exceed your expectations.  Please see our services page for a list of services we provide. 

When you want the very best  call us!  Professional Private Mississippi Investigator.


 email:  Glad4JC@gmail.com


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